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Baretzky and Partners LLC specializing in a full range of International Investigative and Legal services, providing support for law firms, financial Institutions and Corporate clients all over the world.



Our Team can handle cases in English, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Korean and French.

We are your Risk Management Partners, no matter where you are based !

About Us

BARETZKY & PARTNERS LLC Firm authorized activity covers: Business risk mangement, development and provision of opinions on specific legal matters related to cyber crime by using our dedicated team consisting only certified and dedicated investigative lawyers and practitioners.

With our qualified experts in the field of local and international law cooperation with experts we cover similar areas in all countries of the European Union.

Baretzky and Partners does representations and mediation of Bulgarian and foreign persons and entities from all countries. In addition Baretzky and Partners can provide specialized translation(s) for legal purposes and Research and Analysis in Specific legal affairs in the European Union.

Baretzky and Partners is an official registered service provider the European Union Intellectual Trademarks Office Reg No: 107758. Our firm’s trademarks intellectual property specialists have a track record for intellectual property protection and registrations. Use registered specialist only.

Our Services

Risk Managment

Our firm has assisted in helping clients around the world whose strategic operations are subject to a wide variety of money laundering and economic sanctions-related requirements.


Our Investigative legal experts has a good track record of cross border criminal investigations and mitigation with other law firms and organizations that allows results driven tasks.

Our Team

Our team consists not only of employees of our practice but also of independent experts, co-workers and partners who belong to the elite in their field.




Ph.D. in Law | CCJP,IRM, Int.Dip(BLAW)

Certification Harvard University, International Dip. BLAW Business and Legal Studies & Government Economic Policy Certification in Information Risk Management (IRM) Certification Cyber Law and White Collar Crime AWR-168W





Int.Dip (GDLS)

Co-Partner Cert. Justice Harvard University & Cert. Pushkin Institute Specialization Russian Language and Translations Covering Italian, Spanish, Korean and English.


Senior Associate


Mendy Ghaleb LLM, CFE, CCO, Int.Dip(GRC) AML/CFT Expert - Supervision & Compliance @ Securities & Commodities Authority (SCA) |

Our areas of expertise include

  • Information Policy and Security
  • Risk Managment & Compliance
  • CyberCrime and International Investigations
  • Anti-Bribery & Corruption Advisory
  • Anti-Money Laundering Advisory
  • Financial Crime Compliance
  • Regulatory Response & Compliance
  • Financial Crime & Economic Sanctions Analytics
  • Regulatory Complaince & Risk Mitigation

Risk Management in AML and Sanctions

Baretzky & Partners has assisted in helping clients around the world whose strategic operations are subject to a wide variety of money laundering and economic sanctions-related requirements.

We can assist your firm and organizations to reduce its risks related to global money laundering,

terrorist financing, and economic sanctions and advance its capability to meet regulatory requirements for sound programs and controls by designing, implementing and enhancing, its AML/sanctions programs.

We also provide dedicated services to respond to and remediate compliance failures when they occur. In addition we offer innovative tailored tools with flexible operating models to reduce the burden of daily compliance activities related to KYC and alert adjudication through cost-efficient and sustainable co-sourcing and outsourcing operating models. Download Brochure Press


123 Finance Corporation obtains European Trademark Rights

YAHOO FINANCE NEWS 1 August 31, 2022·3 min read

MANILA, Philippines, Aug. 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Manila-based 123 Finance Corporation, a securities approved financing firm listed among the official Philippines financing companies, with a Certificate of Authority (CA) data and analytics department has been granted full European Trademark Rights for its Finance Corporation last month after a successful application made by its legal representatives, Baretzky and Partners International Risk Management Firm for providing legal services and brand protection, an Authorized Service provider by the European trademarks office. The aim is to further protect the firm's interest against scrupulous users on internet and to ensure its future growth in the markets, but more importantly to avoid unlawful users on social media using the firm's good, long-standing reputation. Read More...

15 Temmuz’un ruhu ile anti darbe aplikasyonu

KEMAL GÜMÜŞ 16 Temmuz 2019 Salı 07:00 - Güncelleme: 16 Temmuz 2019 Salı 07:00

Tanıtım toplantısına katılan Uluslararası Siber Polislik Teşkilatı (CyberPOL) Başkanı Ricardo Baretzky, İkinci Dünya Savaşı’ndan bu yana gelişmekte olan ülkelerin çoğunda darbelerin gerçekleştiğini hatırlatarak, bunun o ülkelerin ekonomik ve demokrasi olarak geri kalmasına sebep olduğunu anlattı. “İstikrarımızı sarsacak olan gelecekteki bir askeri darbeye hazır mıyız?” diyen soran Baretzky, dünyada zorlu bir dönem, kriz yaşandığını, Hong Kong, Read More...