Due Diligence | Brand Protection | Data & Cyber Security

Cybercrime is everywhere today, from corruption, money laundering and crypto scams. Be safe, don't be sorry!

Know Your Client KYC

Due Diligence of new company partners before investing is paramount in protecting your assets.

PCI DSS Compliance

Be compliant when taking credit card information of customers can save you a lot of costs in fines!

Black Box Pen Test and Certification

Our Black Box Testing is within ISO 27001, CEH and CWSP compliant.

The Best in Risk Consulting Services

BARETZKY & PARTNERS is a global consulting firm with dedicated investigative lawyers and Investigators located in more than 116 countries throughout the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific, positioning us to help clients with their consulting needs around the world.

Enhanced Due Diligence

Our analysis of new territories, emerging markets, ultimate beneficial owners, third-party risks, Enhanced Due Diligence ...

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Data & Cyber Security

Baretzky and Partners also offers technical support and delivers advisory services to assist with your organisation’s readiness...

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The PCI DSS applies to ANY organization, regardless of size or number of transactions, that accepts, transmits or stores any...

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Our Firm

BARETZKY & PARTNERS Consultancy Authorized Activity covers: Business risk, development and provision of opinions on the specific legal issues using only certified and dedicated investigative lawyers and practitioners. With our qualified experts in the field of local law cooperation with experts in similar areas in all countries of the European Union, Baretzky and Partners does representation and mediation of Bulgarian and foreign persons and entities. In addition Baretzky and Partners can provide specialized translation(s) for legal purposes and Research and Analysis in Specific legal affairs in the European Union.

Crypto Currency Tracing and Recovery

The first step to crypto recovering virtual assets is to determine where they were moved to and to whom or which accounts. This establishes our target for tracking. We track about $9 Billion in losses every year and are ready to find your lost virtual assets with our state of the art crypto tracing technology using our expert Crypto and Blockchain Analyst and Cyber Experts.


Global Cyber Breaches 2021


Pieces of Leaked Information


Crypto Scam Victims 2021


$ Losses so far 2021

Our Team

Our team consists not only of employees of our practice but also of independent experts, co-workers and partners who belong to the elite in their field.

Ricardo Baretzky CCJP,IRM, Int.Dip(BLAW)

Ricardo Baretzky CCJP,IRM, Int.Dip(BLAW)

Certification Harvard University, International Dip. BLAW Business and Legal Studies & Government Economic Policy Certification in Information Risk Management (IRM) Certification Cyber Law and White Collar Crime AWR-168-W

Shin-Hae Baretzky CCJP, Int.Dip (GDLS)

Shin-Hae Baretzky CCJP, Int.Dip (GDLS)

Co-Partner Cert. Justice Harvard University & Cert. Pushkin Institute Specialization Russian Language and Translations Covering Italian, Spanish, Korean and English.

Mendy Ghaleb LLM, CFE, CCO, Int.Dip(GRC)

Mendy Ghaleb LLM, CFE, CCO, Int.Dip(GRC)

Senior Partner Compliance & AML Specialist Certified Fraud Examiner Issuing authority Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), Approved ISO 31000 Risk Management Lead Trainer, ICA International Diploma in Governance, Risk and Compliance.

Ilayda Ozdemir LLB. & (B.A.) Cert. Sworn Translations

Ilayda Ozdemir LLB. & (B.A.) Cert. Sworn Translations

Associate Attorney at Law / Compliance Counsel - Certified (sworn) Translator. Alumna of McGill University - Bachelor of Arts Double Major in Economics and Psychology and IKU - Law

Our vision is to serve the corporation and private sector, providing these services with excellence, to forward the cause of effective self-governance by Policy.

Our Mitigation & Remediation services provide Management and Internal Audit teams with the capabilities to develop and periodically review their Cyber Integrity with a B & A Cyber Security Assessment.


Partners In The News

“Our experience and experts in the world’s key regions enables us to deploy multi-disciplinary, cross-border examinations and Investigations to deal with every shade of corporate, regulatory and internal investigation.”

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