Our portfolio

Our clients includes Governments, Global Banks, AML and Fraud Investigation firms to Law firms around the globe.


Banks and financial institutions needs constant vigilance against cyber fraud and therefore needs both AML and PCI compliance. Our Enhanced Due Diligence services produces timely and cost effective reports on PEP (Political Exposed) and AML (Anti Money Laundering) suspected risks.

Law Firms

Lawyers and law firms are constantly confronted with cyber crime that leads nowhere during investigations. Our Cross-Border Track and Trace™ products in partnership with global partners assist lawyers and law firms to get the information missing to successfully mitigate their clients risks.


Recently our founder Ricardo Baretzky President of CYBERPOL acted as Expert Whiteness for the United States Foreign Relations Committee in the subject matter of Cyber Crime and International Organized Crime.

President Ricardo Baretzky as Expert Whiteness for United States Foreign Relations Committee Together with Senator Small and Special Agent Dex ICE DHS Homeland Security 2017

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