Baretzky and Associates Management Risk Certification including ATF and AML

In addition to Risk Remediation, we provide active IT Auditing for Periodic Certification as required under GDPR, Privacy Control Audits, and US Standards like SOX Compliance.
As such Baretzky & Associates services provides a full set of IP and IT Audit Services to facilitate both evidence capture and review, operations auditing, and attestations in the form of a ‘Seal of approval’. These services are available against both operating entities and their business practices, as well as their underlying Intellectual Properties. This provides Management with a full set of solutions as well as certification-provider services against their software’s and their operations. 

In the case of AML/ATF we provide analysis of origin licensing, and cash control practices including the funding models and payment channels used in their sale and remuneration. This is key today in verifying anti-terrorism funding (#ATF) status of both Software Products, Online Services, and those facilities they implement.

Today, more than ever the defending of the Children of the World and protecting the Innocents of fraud and its damage in funding the military attacks against their very being, has become more than a watchword. Baretzky & Associates and its team understand these needs and have crafted a cafeteria style service practice allowing entities and all their major clients, the same power of transparency.

Baretzky & Associates and its partnership with ECIPS and CYBERPOL are both leading the charge and driving Industry Awareness as was just demonstrated at the UN 37th Assemblies’ meeting in Geneva. Baretzky & Associates and team are ready.

Services from external auditing, and ATF certification as well as CyberPol Approved branding is available for all software products and the entities creating and reselling them. ATF and AML certification is available for any and all parties including Governments wanting to certify their own operations.

Pricing is available for smaller-entities on an hourly time-and-material basis as well as Fixed Price Retainers for larger entities and National bodies. Though this unique program all parties are provided with the same level of integrity.

From eCurrencies to on-line Financial and Document Escrow services, this one-size-fits-all program provides key value and will become a cornerstone of GDPR and US reporting models for all concerned.


The Law Is Hard , But The Law Is The Law !

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