Baretzky & Partners Law Firm: Fees and Expenses Scale 

Trust is at the heart of the relationship between the client and his or her consultant at Baretzky & Partners. In terms of the cost of your Consultant’s intervention, this partnership is conveyed by the application of the transparency principle. The information that follows will enable you to understand how the services of your consultancy will be charged.

On this matter, as on all others, your consultancy consultant will always be available to answer any questions that might arise in your specific case.


The Consultancy fees cover:

We calculate the consultancy’s fees in several different ways. The most appropriate method for each particular case is defined at the opening of the file, in concentration, with the most frequent being an hourly rate.

1. Hourly Rate

The time devoted by a consultant to the treatment of the file is scrupulously accounted for, in order then to be invoiced according to a pre-determined hourly rate.

The basic hourly rates are as follows:

  • For a para-professionals consultant: from £75 to £125.
  • For a Consulting counsel and senior consulting counsel: from £175 to £300.
  • For a partner consultant: from £325 to £575.

The basic hourly rate that applies to a given clients file is announced from the opening of that file.

This basic hourly rate can however be increased by a maximum of 100%, for services considered as exceptional and in particular for urgently accomplished duties, for services requiring competence in a specialist subject, on account of the difficulties encountered, the responsibilities to be assumed by the consultant or the exceptional results obtained.

This basic rate can be decreased, in exceptional circumstances, according to criteria to be considered by the consultant in charge of the file.

2. Set Price

For certain files comprising few unknown quantities (Quality Assurance testing and compliance, drafting or amendment of reports, simple pen test,…), we can agree a contractual fee with you.

3. Subscription Consultancy Agreement

If you entrust our association with a large and regular volume of consultancy requirements or services, we can agree on special conditions for the calculation of fees for a guaranteed number of hours or files normally done in 10h, 30h, 60h or 90 hours contractual consultancy bases.


The consultancy practice requires reimbursement of the expenses that it incurs according to the following scale:

1 .File opening expenses: opening, administrative management and closure £75,00
2. Bookkeeping expenses £25,00
3. Secretarial expenses (correspondence. e-mails, submissions, petitions or other documents £9,00 per page
4. Registered letter charges £6,00
5. Round robins (concerning at least ten copies with identical content) £4,00
6. Photocopies £0,30 per photocopy
7. Colour copies and photographs £1,00 per page
8. Travel expenses £1,50 per kilometer
9. Faxes received £0,90 per page
10. Faxes sent £0,60 per page
11. National telephone calls £0,50 per call
12. International telephone calls £1,00 per call
13. Electronic correspondence (e-mail) sent £0,30
14. Additional such as expert charges, and currency advances At cost.

Global Consultancy fees diagrams as follows:




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