The Baretzky & Partners Law firm Management Team focus on International Corporate, Bribery & Corruption Investigations. Our Cyber Consulting practice focuses exclusively on matters of  Cyber Risk and Cyber Law related to Bribery & Corruption that is cross border related. In recent past, corporate failings around the world due to impact of terror-attacks, cyber\-threats and international crime have been tied directly to Corporate Governance Failures which manifest as a general lack of accountability, C-Level Officers commitment to transparency, and a general failure of their strategies.  

Founder Ricardo Baretzky President CYBERPOL 

As the direct result of those failures the public and global law enforcement have agreed that there today is an emerging need for corporate and financial institutions to prove their transparency and ethical operations.

To prove this through new policies and governance procedures which demonstrate better discipline, control and responsibility. This need has been fully embraced by regulators and other stakeholders who now demand these controls to protect their investments as business risks are on the increase globally.

Corporate Governance:

The Governance “Failure to keep on Top of Things” and comply with existing and emerging regulations can today jeopardize your business reputations and livelihoods. Do you ask yourself “How robust is my governance, risk and compliance programme in my business ? ”. Are your policies and systems sufficiently robust to ward off the risk of a threat such as fraud, data breach or insider threats?

Financial Risks:

Financial risks have probably never been more acute but the increasing threats such as insider threats, cyber terror data loss and Geo-location threats associated with political instability, terror and crime can risks your capital reserves, credit portfolios, investment policies, and capital and debt profiles which with out doubt demand all a constant scrutiny to adequately manage and mitigate risk.

When cash is tight the Fraud risks increases as well and this is fully demonstrated by data leaks in recent times. Employees that become more opportunistic, insider threats whilst external hackers more resourceful. Your Adversaries and insider-threats find the smallest security loopholes and governance failures and they strike when you least expect it. This leveraging vendor failures in software and governance products exposes your underbelly to any and all attacks. Your businesses adversaries and disgruntled employees have become a critical mass.

Continuity in the Supply Chain:

We cannot leave out the risks and vigilance necessary associated with presented by suppliers. Defaults on a contract by a counter-party whose business collapses or go insolvent, can have serious financial and reputational ramifications for connected parties and your business.

Audits and Transparency:

With all these demands, internal and external multi-disciplinary audits are often elevated in many companies from pure compliance to a function that regularly reviews the risk profile for emerging risks and identifies trends as it keep its finger on the pulse of business performance. Unnoticed by many the CRO (Chief Risk Officer) becomes increasingly involved in the strategic decisions making process where the emphasis is as much on risk as it is on growth.

Corruption and Fraud Investigations:

In addition to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and Fraud investigations, new anti-bribery and corruption regulations are being implemented in jurisdictions. Our Collective expertise in Corruption, fraud and criminal investigations expands over 25 years.

As well as Ricardo Baretzky’s roles as President of CYPERPOL and ECIPS, Ricardo is currently an advisor on the subject of Insider Threats and Cyber Incident Analysis and Response and compliance policies to a number of global companies and international governments.

As an authority on International Cyber Security and Insider Threats, he has delivered keynote speeches to global audiences ranging from the U.S Senate Foreign Relations Committee and the United Nations, to National Defence Ministries and corporate clients all over the world.

“Baretzky is an expert commentator on International Terrorism and Cyber Threats and is also regularly quoted in the foremost News, Media and TV publications as a leading authoritative source in Counter Terrorism and Insider Threats”.

“94% Of All Our Clients Are Victims Of Cyber-Hacking and Cyber Fraud”


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