Geo Threats

Delivering Intelligence-Driven Cyber Threat detection solutions and expertise,

We provide global risk management and  cyber insider threat detection solutions. We go to great lengths to provide you with an early warning alert for evolving threats, enabling you to prevent, detect, rapidly respond to and predict risks your organization faces.


With Baretzky & Associates you get unparalleled visibility to identify potential Geo-Political threats in all critical areas in your infrastructure, along with actionable, intelligence-driven insights powered by the Baretzky & Associates Counter Threat Platform–our advanced data analytics engine.

Our Business

  • We have provided trusted managed Geo-political and cyber risk management services to organizations of all sizes.
  • We maintain a global presence to counter a global threat, operating several in partnership Counter Threat Operations Centers capable of processing up to billions of cyber events daily
  • Intelligence developed by the Baretzky & Associates Counter Threat UnitTM (CTU) research team enables us to provide you with unparalleled protection against today’s threats to manage your risk.

With the world’s most highly regarded risk management  partners, Baretzky & Associates distinguished Counter Threat Unit™ research team (CTU) is what sets us apart. Our researchers analyze threat data across our global client base and actively monitor the risk and threat landscape to provide a globalized view of emerging threats that includes vulnerabilities, and the evolving tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP) of advanced threat actors.

Our partnered CTU™ research team’s primary objective is to protect your data and operations from today’s most advanced global threats, by applying its research and DEPSINT threat intelligence into all aspects of your risk mitigation solutions.

With relentless dedication to keeping you ahead of newly identified threats, our CTU research team is:

  • Highly regarded within the risk management and  cyber security industry
  • Often first to market with identification of many new emerging threats
  • Regularly called upon for our expertise by government agencies, law enforcement, and the private industry View our Gallery Press HERE

In addition, our researchers share pertinent information with the public at large.

For corporations and organizations, security leaders and professionals, threat intelligence is actionable information that gives you early warning to threat that needs risk management. DEPSINT Intelligence seeks to collect relevant information wherever it can be found; analyzing and synthesizing it into meaningful knowledge on which you can act. In today’s risk & threat landscape, business intelligence can alert you to new and emerging global threats that may affect your operations.

Business Intelligence can also help you identify actors who may be targeting your organization such as with Advanced Persistent Threats, providing the insights to help you prepare or take action.


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